Project EXI

The building of a Marlin 5EXi kit car, using a Seat Leon 1.8T 20v Donor

Dec 03 2009

Engine in chassis again.....


Having re-assembled the engine, It is now back in the chassis!!
It was difficult to get the engine aligned, one tip is get the engine in place is hang it from your crane then do one engine mount at a time.
Start with the two top mounts on each side. Dont do them up tight but get the bolts in place, once then do the engine mount over the driveshaft. Get the bottom right mount in place, and finally the mount near the rear builkhead, This is best done from underneath.
Once they are all in, use loctite where needed, and tighten up all fram mounts.
It took me and Tim (Friend from work) about 3 hours of fine crane adjustment to get the bolts in. But now having a painted engine in place in the chassis. It was a great feeling.
Given the amount of abuse the Engine mounts took when fitting the enigne back in, They will need sanding back and recoating with smooth black, I will mask them in situ, and give them some new paint.

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Dec 12 2009

Pedal box fitting


After the engine went in, it was time to look at what comes next.
First off was to figure out how the steering column and pedal box will fit so
close to each other.
It seems the steering column needs to go between the brake pedal and the accelarator pedal, with the pedal box directly aligned with the front bulkhead uprights.
However I cant complete this until I have the steering rack from Marlin and in place on the car.

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Nov 22 2009

Painting the engine mounts


Today it was time to paint the Engine mounts, I decided to paint them with Hammerite Satin black smooth. As I already had an open tin of it in the garage. I have given them two coats of paint, and will get some photos of them tomorrow. They look ok to me, and should last a long time.

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Nov 21 2009

Replacing the donor clutch


This week I sourced a new clutch and release bearing mechanism. That is now fitted to the Engine and gearbox housing. The newly painted gearbox is now fixed back onto the engine. All the dismantled Turbo assembly is back on the engine, along with new exhaust manifold gasket and Turbo Exhaust manifold gasket.
During assembly of the exhaust manifold one of the studs snapped off. Bit off a pain, so it was out with stud extractor set, 2mm drills and an hour of labor to remove it. It came out cleanly and no damage was done, thankfully !!

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Nov 01 2009

Painting the gearbox


As posted above, the Gearbox is also painted

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Oct 21 2009

Cleaning the gearbox some more


I havn't updated the diary for a while, not because I haven't been doing anything. More to the point I havn't completed a task that required an entry
Now the gearbox is off, I have been cleaning it, ready for a painting. So far I have probably spent about 12hours cleaning it, with a dremel. Used 24 (to date) wire brush heads. With 9 years worth of grime
so of it very stubborn and in every corner that there is. On the VAG gerbox there are ALOT of corners. I may be able to get some paint on it at the weekend. Just need to mask of all the nuts and bolts first.

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Oct 17 2009

Cleaning the gearbox


Ive got the Gearbox off to give it a clean and spray paint. Clutch looks ok, so will leave that in there for the time being.
The gearbox is coming up well, dremel and wire brush is doing the trick. Got to remove to more bolts from the oil sump to free that, and that will be off.
Will be interesting to see how much debris there might be at the bottom. Seats dont have a sump gasket.
So if you decide to do the same this is a tube of white sealant that is needed to reseal it. The gearbox to engine gasket, can be re-used, just clean it up.
Removing the gearbox also allow easiser access to the side of the engine.

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Oct 16 2009

Cleaning the turbo


Started to attack the turbo with a dremel with wire brush fitting, ordered 30 piece dremel wire brush kit. I feel I may get through quite a few of the heads
It may take longer with a dremel than a wire brush on a drill, but for the ally sections on the engine it wont damage or score the metal. A drill brush can make quite deep scores. To get a good finish, its based on quality of the prep, so thats what I'm aiming for. Need to get an alternator belt, I dont have power steering or aircon so the standard belt for the leon wont fit. Ive measured the belt to be a minimum of 890mm and a maxium of 915mm, so will go for a 900mm belt. To give the tensioner room to work and the belt tolerance to stretch.

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Oct 15 2009

Removing the turbo


Removed everything from the Turbo side of the engine block, The engine block is now exposed. and ready for cleaning.
also got an M6x70mm stainless bolt to fix the broken steering column adjustment. Seems to work very well, so will go with that for now.
Spoke to Terry at Marlin with regards to ordering some other components I will need, Radiator,intercooler, front vented disks, handbrake cable, sealent etc.

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Oct 14 2009

Part 2 - replacing the cambelt


Got the M8 Stainless bolts for the cambelt. Looks better fits no problem. Didn't do much else tonight.

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